Tuesday, May 2, 2006

On Saturday, Sam and I ran stadiums. Fun stuff. The Harvard Stadium is a gigantic horseshoe, with about thirty 20"+ steps. If you ever find yourself over there, try this on for size:
Start at the top in section 19 (aka The Middle)
Sprint to either end of the Stadium along the top of the stands
Down to the bottom
Back up
Sprint back to the middle
Down to the Bottom
Back up
I managed this in 2:43. Not stellar, but I knocked 26 seconds off of my previous time. Sam did the circuit in 3:30. She's tougher than you. Promise.
Then, it was on to the suicide drill from hell. We made this up, and we really shouldn't be allowed to make stuff up.
Start at the goal line
Sprint to the 20 yd line, do 1 burpee
Sprint back to the goal line, 1 burpee
40 yd line, 2 burpees
back to the goal line, 2 burpees
"60" yd line (the other 40, smart guy), 3 burpees
back to the goal line, 3 burpees
"80" yd line, 4 burpees
Back to the goal line, 4 burpees
"100" yd line, 5 burpees
Back to the beginning, 5 burpees
I almost puked. Sam thought that was pretty funny. Then we ran the 400m. For my first ever timed 400, I was pretty happy with 1:09. Why all the sprinting? Activation of the aerobic and anaerobic pathways at the same time has been shown to increase aerobic capacity without sacrificing strength. Technical crap aside, I want to be faster. You can't be faster by going slower. Guaranteed.


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