Saturday, June 3, 2006

Big Box Beatdown

Neal Thompson of Crossfit Boston put together a workout for Mike's send-off. Neal's wicked creative, so he named it...

The Regan

3 rounds for time:
15 Bear Complexes (95# bar)
15 pullups
15 weighted burpees (30# DBs)
15 knee-to-elbows
15 one-armed overhead squats (30# DB, 15L, 15R)
800m run

This workout was originally posted on the Crossfit Boston website on Wednesday. I first saw it on the chalkboard at the Facility on Wednesday night, as Neal and I were moving the World's Heaviest Treadmill.

Of course, I opened my mouth.

"That doesn't look that hard."

"No one finished it this afternoon," Neal said.

"I could finish it..." It sounded tenative coming out of my mouth, so I said it again with a little more conviction.

"I could finish it!"

"Of course you could, Jon. Tell me how you really feel."

Yeah. I didn't finish it. On Saturday morning, I dragged myself to Gold's. I tried to ignore the quarter-squatters and the cardiobots as I loaded 25s onto the bar. The joyful sounds off Kiley Minogue filled my ears.

I f*cking hate that place.

I grabbed a pair of 30s, walked to the rack, and hit the start button on my cronograph. 15 bear complexes.

It turns out that 95 pounds is quite a few pounds to clean, thrust, squat, and press.

21 minutes later, I was incompetently trying to start a treadmill. 10 seconds after that, I was on the C2, rowing out 1000 meters.

Back to the bear complexes. I did them in sets of two, with a whole lot of noise. At Gold's, I'm not allowed to scream like a jackass when I need a little motivation. I did anyway.

Broken pullups. Broken burpees. Broken knee-to-elbows. Really broken one-armed overhead squats. Broken me.

800 meters later, I was wondering whether I could hack another set. I walked back to the rack, contemplated the bar for a few seconds, and called it. 45 minutes in, I was a beaten shell of a man.

I still feel like a pansy.

In terms of difficulty, this workout ranks right up there. If you try it, post to comments. The first person to finish Rx'd in under an hour goes on the list for a free Again Faster t-shirt.


Blogger Josh Roman said...

Crossfit 6am had a chaotic free-for-all w/ ~20 people doing The Regan.

Love the Bear Complex -- my new favorite exercise.

6/03/2006 06:05:00 PM  
Blogger ec said...

also due to time issues, the 800 run got cut to 400 m after round 1 at the 0600 class.

yeah, its a pretty ridiculous workout

6/03/2006 06:56:00 PM  
Blogger ec said...

oh, and the last set was half the number of reps...

6/03/2006 06:56:00 PM  

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