Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cleaning House

This Sunday, the Again Faster Weekly Workout Series will meet at Crossfit Boston. Once again, the threat of rain has forced us inside.

We'll be working on the clean and jerk this week. This movement is undoubtedly the most useful combination of pulling and pushing on the planet. Mastering the technique will allow you to pick up almost any reasonably-sized object and put it above your head. The applications are endless.

The range-of-motion is unparalleled in sports and training. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to move a weight more than six feet in a few seconds. The monstrous displacement and heavy load of the clean and jerk demands power, speed, and strength on a Hurculean level.

In "A Physics Lesson: Why Pyrros Dimas Can Kick Your Ass", I calculated the power output of the clean and jerk to be roughly 3.5 times that of the bench press, assuming the same weight was used in both exercises. The clean and jerk has power output in spades.

Proper technique goes a long way. You can't fake a bodyweight clean without significant risk to your structural health. Since I'm a big fan of healthy athletes, we're going to develop proper technique with a variety of objects. The weight will change, but the principles of the movement remain the same.

Clean & Jerk, 5 minutes per object, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off:

Bumper Plate
Dynamax Ball

You'll be working for a total of twenty 30-second intervals, while your partner looks on. We'll be using Coach Glassman's silent scoring system. Your partner will record your completed reps, giving you 1 point for a properly executed C&J and no points for a flawed attempt. HQ found that this system ensures attention to good technique.

You'll be rated on the following:


Hook grip (barbell only)
Triple extension
Full squat


Bent-knee landing
Proper split stance
Full arm extension (no press)
Proper return to standing

This week promises to be productive, and a ton of fun. If you haven't been exposed to silent scoring, this is your opportunity.

The Facility is located at 123 Terrace St., Roxbury Crossing, MA, two blocks from the Orange Line. If you need a hand finding us, drop me an email using the "Contact Again Faster" link in the right-hand sidebar. We'll meet at 8:00 a.m. sharp.

Our Sunday Session is absolutely free, and we always welcome new participants. Come learn the most functional move out there with some of the most dedicated athletes in Massachusetts!

Go faster!

Olympic photo courtesy of the BBC. Surf to Again Faster on Monday for full coverage of this weekend's workout, and a feature article on rock climbing in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York.


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