Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Bear Complex

One mean exercise. The Bear Complex is: A hang squat clean to a thruster to a back squat to a press.

Load your barbell (start light), and use a "clean" grip. Start with the bar on your thighs, with your back retracted and your shoulders in front of the bar. Clean the bar to the rack position as you descend into a front squat. From the hole, explode upward, using your momentum to push the bar over your head to extension (the thruster). Lower the bar behind your head onto your traps. Do a back squat, keeping your chest up and your lumbar curve tight. Use your momentum to press the bar back over your head.

That's one rep, kids. This complex could be the only strength move you ever do, and you'd be light years ahead of the crowd.

Try this:
3 rounds
10 Bear Complexes 95#
20 pushups
40 knee-to-elbows

Scale the weight as necessary. It took me about half-a-very-friggin'-painful hour.


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