Friday, September 29, 2006

At My Signal

Fight Gone Bad. Sounds gnarly, huh? It is, but it’s not that horrible. Sure, you’ll be a panting puddle of useless bile when it’s over, but three or four minutes later you’ll be your normal self again. The steamroller of Crossfit Love that ran you over will be history, and you’ll look back fondly on the choice moments:

“Yo dude. Remember in Round Two, when you told me to ‘SUCK IT UP!!!’ in front of my grandparents, and I totally knocked out three more box jumps? That was cool. Yeah. If I’d gotten 14 more reps, I would’ve beat you. Next time, bro, you're going down!”

On Sunday morning, you’ll whine about how everything hurts, and you couldn’t possibly make a pot of coffee, let alone workout. You’ll limp around all day, vacant-eyed and wincing, telling strangers about the previous day like you earned the Medal of Honor for jumping on a hand grenade.

That, or you could come to Again Faster.

We’re going to be living the dream, banging out an hour of sprinting less than 24 hours after a mythical encounter with FGB. For the first time, we’ll introduce sled drags to the AF Curriculum, switching between full-out 200 meter sprints and 100 meter sled pulls until your legs feel like they’ve been dipped in concrete. You’ll love it.

Ten Rounds for Time:

200 meter Sprint
100 meter Sled Drag

We’ll meet by the pull-up bars at Jamaica Pond at 8:00 a.m. Now that’s active recovery!

Go faster!

Photo of Chuck Liddell, moments after Randy Couture's Fight Gone Really Really Bad, courtesy of


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